Sunday, 31 July 2011

Thracian Army

These are a few snaps of my little DBA Thracian army. Figures by Hat. Cavalry (which are actually Hat Thessalians) I thought were finished but aren't. I'm sure we can substitute. I've stuck the two horses for the 'Light Horse' widely spaced on their bases, and have also based a single horse which can be placed in between them to convert them to a 3 fig cavalry base if I need it instead (done similar with my Iberian army for the Punic Wars).

I bought at least a couple of boxes of figs, and this army doesn't even use one, so I have plenty more figs if I wanted to enlarge the army.

DBA Army list is as follows:

Thracian 700BC-46AD

1 x 3 Cavalry (General), 3 x 2 Light Horse or 3 Auxiliaries, 6 x 3 Auxiliaries, 2 x 2 Psiloi

The army can be used over a long time period. 'Thrakes' are actually mentioned as fighting in the Trojan wars, and the Thracian provinces were only eventually tamed by the Romans. Dacians were also neighbours, so I also use them mixed with some bare-chested Celts, if I need to field them.

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