Monday, 25 July 2011

Riders of Rohan are coming!

Pleased to report that the Rohan army is getting close to completion. I've led off with a couple of action shots, one in close up, of the main force of Riders.

This is a another close up of a rider with bow. I need to just check over the whole lot for any paintwork that I've missed. I've also got a few repairs, mainly those I neglected to do at the beginning, but also a couple associated with an encounter with my daughter and a revolving chair! Then its just on to varnishing and basing.

Here's another shot of the whole force from a different angle.

Finally here's an overhead shot, a bit more boring but shows the whole force on the tabletop more clearly, bar 3/4 including Eomer, which are all still on the workbench for one reason or another.

I've got about the same number Rohan figures on foot, a few more in fact, which could be used to represent the whole force dismounted or support the riders in action. Rather fewer foot figures than for most of my LOTR armies, but the Rohanrrim are basically horsemen after all! The infantry are at a similar stage and should be finished at the same time.

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