Monday, 25 July 2011

Latest unit to be painted for LOTR -Rangers!

I acquired these very recently from eBay, and last week having arrayed my Gondorian force to have a look at them, felt the figures, all in black undercoat, were standing in the way of a good-looking army! So I got the paint brush out and whipped through them in a couple of days.

These plastic figures can basically be used for Rangers of the North (aka. ' the Dunedain') or Faramir's Ithilien Rangers.

In the first role they can be headed up by Aragorn, and teamed up with Elves from Rivendale, especially Elrond's sons, or Gandalf or even Shire hobbits in their mission to stop the encroachment of wargs, trolls, marauding bands of orcs and even barrowwraiths into the more civilised parts of the Northern Lands. Or they could provide a light infantry element for the army of Arnor in their fateful struggle with the Witch Kingdom of Angmar. Last but not least they form the core of the 'Grey Company' at the Battle of Peleannor Fields.

As Ithilien rangers, they can be deployed as a stand alone guerilla force against the encroachments of orcs from Mordor or Haradrim from the south. Or they could be teamed up with some warriors of Minas Tirith to help defend Osgiliath.

All around a pretty versatile set.

Unlike some other forces, where there is a 'standard' GW colour scheme, there seem to be several variations out there, and it is tempting to get some more to try some different ones out, including one I saw for Haradrim intruders. I've kept one back to try a 'Night Stalker' colour scheme, I've seen, which could be generally useful for a thief/assassin, even a Ninja, type figure for a variety of games, not just LOTR.

I got 26 in my purchase for some reason (I think there are only 24 in a box), so taking one out does not mess up any plans for WoR companies of 8 figures, especially as I've got a Faramir and various Aragorn figures which can be added as heroes/captains. Some had broken weapons which I should have fixed before painting, but I haven't so I till have do a bit of supergluing, then just varnishing and basing.

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