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New Kingdom Egyptian Army

The New Kingdom Egyptian army covers the period 1543-1069BC, kicking off with the explusion of the Hyksos and covering the great warrior pharaohs, including Rameses II. There is a period variation in the DBA 2.0 army lists to cover the last 140 years or so when a Libyan dynasty took over, which essentially substitutes a Libyan warband element for one of the bow elements.

The main DBA list is as follows:

1543-1200 1x Light Chariot (Gen), 3x Light Chariots, 3x3/4 Blades, 4x 4Bow, 1x 2 Psiloi

Here's a close-up of the general model, which is metal by New Line Designs:

The standard 12 element DBA army has 4 chariot elements, and this is what they look like, with the New Line general accompanied by Caesar Egyptian Chariots. This is not the whole chariot force available for the Egyptians. There is another Caesar one painted up (not shown because one of the horses needs gluing back on). The Caesar set gives plenty of spare figures which I've completely painted and can be stuck into the more economic Atlantic chariot set (six to a box rather than just two in the Casear sets) of which I have a 'stash' all painted and plenty of unarmoured Egyptian charioteers from the Atlantic sets, several completely made up . The Egyptians (for example at Kadesh) also had Canaanite allies, so a few chariots from the Canaanite army can be added too. So fielding a 'Double-based' army or a triple command DBA army is not a problem. Its simple a question of how many Egyptian chariots do I want to make up ahead of time, when there are several other armies with a 'call option' on them.

Four chariots with armoured charioteers (Caesar miniatures)

Some unarmoured charioteers (Atlantic figures)

The Egyptian army has also a strong heavy infantry core, three elements in the standard DBA list. I have a dozen or so elements painted up and finished, so all combinations of larger armies are pretty much covered. They are from two different Caesar Miniatures sets. There first set was perhaps better, and came with shields and weapons to attach but had hardly any archers. The second had many more archers, and a bunch of heavy infantry moulded in one piece. Both are nice painted up.

The main New Kingdom army list has 4 Bow elements. Here are two 'Double-based' units. The one in front are thought to be Syrian archers, so could see service in their native land (the Syro-Canaanite army list has the option of one unit of bow). They are basically painted. I haven't varnished them and terrained the bases because I am still pondering if to paint a bit more detail on them.

This is a unit of bald-headed archers, who were apparently priests.

Finally there is a Nubian archer unit. They are from Caesar's Nubian set. The Medja were used as a kind of military police by the Egyptian army. All the Nubians archers in the Nubian army list are either 2Ps or 3Bw (ie. two or three figures to a base) and I have plenty more anyway.

I have a few more elements of archers, which if necessary will allow the Syrians to play in 'away strip'.

This is what the whole looks like. As mentioned more chariots can be added.

The 'Basic Impetus' rules give the army nine units as follows. As an 'Impetus' unit is basically the same as a 'double-based' DBA unit, in total it requires 8 chariot models, 32 Heavy foot figures, 32 Archers, and 8 skirmishing archers.


2T6301short bow A
1S8201short bow B

CGP= Heavy Chariots; CGL= Light Chariots; CF= Schyted Chariots; CP= Heavy Cavalry; CM= Medium Cavalry; CL= Light Cavalry; FP= Heavy Infantry; FL= Light Infantry; S= Skirmishers; T= Missile Troops, EL= Elephants ; ART= Artillery

M= Movement; VBU= Basic Unit Value; I= Impetus Bonus, VD= Demoralization Value; VDT= Total Demoralization Value

(*) Unit that can include general

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