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Gallic Army

I've nearly completed my Gallic Army up to what I call 'Double-based DBA' standard, that is up to circa 48 elements or up to 200 figure size.

The core is obviously warbands. The first pic is of the latest addition to their ranks. Figures are Italeri, my favourite for this army - and when choosing manufacturers many more armies besides. Some of the other elements use Esci barbarians or Airfix Ancient Brits, but I'm trying to up the number of Italeri figs, and have more to paint.

It is designed to go with my Punic Wars era armies, but the DBA army list for Gauls runs from much earlier (400BC) to somewhat later (ie. Caesar's conquest) and is pretty much the same, apart from using chariots rather than cavalry for the earlier period.

The second pic shows what the whole army looks like so far. The DBA army list is as follows:

1x3/4 Wb or LCh (Gen) General’s Warband or Chariots

2xLCh or 3Cv Chariots or Gallic Cavalry

8x3Wb Tribal Warband

1xPs Young Warrior skirmishers

As usual with my 'large' DBA armies, the aim is to be able to use the force for 'double-based' DBA (ie. 4 times the infantry, twice cavalry etc. per element) or'Big Battle' DBA uses two or three 'normal' 12 element DBA commands per side, and provide a number of standard DBA armies so inter-tribal conflict can be fought out. I've not checked out the 'Impetus' rules, but I guess it will be close to a 'double-based' DBA.

This is a snap of some figures from the Hat 'Carthaginian Allies' set, and depict naked Gauls, perfect for 'Gaeseti'. These can also be used for Galatian armies, the Celts that invaded and settled Asia Minor.

The army can basically be put straight on the field if necessary, but if playing a three command 'Big Battle' DBA game, it is short a few cavalry, which can be co-opted from the early German army. I was orginally intending to use some of the Hat Gallic cavalry I bought as 'generics' for Dark Age cavalry, trimming away all notably 'Gallic' features such as horns, other helmet decoration, and a dull paint scheme without Celtic checks and tartans. As I haven't quite made my mind up what to do with these, as the issue of Hat's Gothic Cavalry means I don't need to use these figures in that role, thee painting (and therefore varnishing & basing) is not completely finished.

I have, however, since bought a box of Italeri Gallic cavalry, which are a much nicer set. I've started painting them, and could finish with a day or so's work. They'll provide 5 normal (ie. three model) elements, so I'll be fully up to strength for most eventualities.

The other element, which is not strictly necessary, but I'd like to add, is a General's Warband element for the double-based/Impetus level game (ie. 16 figures). I actually have enough command and of the 'armoured' figure from the Italeri set to do this, but a 16 man unit mainly using the same figure would be a bit dull. I have my eye on the new Caesar Gaul set, which has a lot of armoured figures. It is currently on my 'wish list', but cash and this part of my 'wish list' have not come together yet!

These are the pics from the Plastic Soldier Review on the Caesar set:


I've just looked up the 'Basic Impetus army' lists and thought I'd add it here for reference. 'Impetus' rates Gallic warbands as Light Foot, but with an Impetus bonus of 4.

GAULS (VDT=20/10)
2CM or CGL(*)10413various (only if CGL)

OPTION. Change 1 FL Unit into:
FL8552Gaesati impetuous


GAULS II-I Cent. AD (VDT=20/10)
Note. FL can form Large Units

For good measure this this the Ancient British Army from the VOL. 7 Army Lists: ROME & THE EMPIRE

2S8201javelin or sling
Option. Change one CGL Unit into:
1FL8552(naked fanatics) impetuous
Note. FL can form Large Units

CGP= Heavy Chariots; CGL= Light Chariots; CF= Schyted Chariots; CP= Heavy Cavalry; CM= Medium Cavalry; CL= Light Cavalry; FP= Heavy Infantry; FL= Light Infantry; S= Skirmishers; T= Missile Troops, EL= Elephants ; ART= Artillery

M= Movement; VBU= Basic Unit Value; I= Impetus Bonus, VD= Demoralization Value; VDT= Total Demoralization Value

(*) Unit that can include general

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