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Early Imperial Roman Army for DBA and Impetus

When I finally joined a wargames club 3/4 years ago, after over a decade collecting and painting without playing,I had to actually get myself into gear and finish an army properly. The Early Imperial Roman Army was not the first army I started, but it was the first that I finished to get on the table.

The core of the army is obviously Roman legionaries, and the figures that I used were the excellent Esci figures (since re-issued by Italeri). The following shot shows a unit in close up.

All told I painted up about 32 elements (over 120 figures) of legionaries. This gives me full flexibility on the sort of army that I can field. The Early Imperial Roman army actually only has four compulsory elements of legionaries (the general can also be fielded as 'Baldes' but the rest are auxiliaries and cavalry etc.) in the DBA army list. So not only did I have enough elements for no less than EIGHT basic DBA armies, I can field, two three command 'Big Battle' DBA armies, or two of my special 'Double-based' DBA armies with 16 figure heavy infantry units (on magnetic movement trays), which are also perfect for Impetus.

The DBA Army list is as follows:

Early Imperial Roman 25BC-107AD

1 x 3 Cavalry or 4 Blade (Gen), 1 x 3 Cavalry or 2 Light Horse or 4 Bow or 2 Psiloi, 4 x 4 Blade, 4 x 4 Auxiliaries, 1 x Artillery

For the uninitiated the number before the troop type (eg. 3 Cavalry) is the recommended number of figures per standard element, something that is just cosmetic and does not affect the game.

This shows a 'basic' standard 12 element Early Imperial Roman Army for DBA. DBA players tend to think in terms of playing 'historic opponents' for their armies, often in mini-campaigns, but the most common historic opponent for an Early Imperial Roman army was in fact, another EIR army, as there were several civil wars in the period, often with several contenders for the Imperial throne meaning you could deploy several basic EIR armies in a mini-campaign! I've made sure I have plenty of general elements for exactly that reason.

The following shot contrasts the 'mini' army of a conventional DBA game with what a 'Double-Based DBA (or Impetus ) EIR army looks like on the table. Clearly much more impressive!
(Best viewed full size - which you can do with any pic on here by double-clicking).

Finally I include a shot of the same army from a different angle to give a bit more idea of what it looks like on the tabletop.

Finally this is the 'Basic Impetus' army list. It only has 8 units/elements, of which only 3 are legionaries, so it is smaller than a 'Double-based' DBA army. The only hassle in fielding a couple would be that it included a bow unit (not sure if I have two), but I'm sure this can be fudged and you could use slingers, for example.

3FP(*)5613legionaries - pilum
1T6301short bow A
1ART3(6)101Movement is 6U is on cart art B
Special rules. Impetuous foot charging auxilia don't get Impetus Bonus.
If on cart, Roman artillery is considered as a "mounted target", but still benifit -2 malus for shooting vs artillery

CGP= Heavy Chariots; CGL= Light Chariots; CF= Schyted Chariots; CP= Heavy Cavalry; CM= Medium Cavalry; CL= Light Cavalry; FP= Heavy Infantry; FL= Light Infantry; S= Skirmishers; T= Missile Troops, EL= Elephants ; ART= Artillery

M= Movement; VBU= Basic Unit Value; I= Impetus Bonus, VD= Demoralization Value; VDT= Total Demoralization Value

(*) Unit that can include general

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