Monday, 25 July 2011

Mordor Orcs nearly finished!

The first shot is one of the whole force, angled 'down the battleline'. Yes, you can almost hear the tramp of iron shod feet, grunts and growls, and smell the bad breath and BO, from these monsters!

The next shot is a more sedate overhead one. They are groups into 8s, as per WoR company size, and it gives you an idea of what 64 Mordor Orcs looks like on the tabletop. It is enough for a game, not least as I have warg riders, Haradrim and Easterlings to support them if necessary (or Misty Mountain Goblins if you were doing a game like the 'Last Alliance'), although I have to say, it would probably look more impressive as an army core with at least double the number of figures, which would be possible combining my and Steve's forces.

With a force like this it is always difficult to know when to top painting. They are not in uniform, I've varied the paint job for an 'irregular' appearance, so any highlighting and shading of colours can be a bit tedious, especially as they already look good 'en masse' and most look good individually. I'll probably pick out those I'm really happy with and start varnishing and basing, and keep working through them, touching up a colour here and there until their finished.

To close here's a closer shot of a unit with two-handed weapons with archers to their front and a unit of spearmen just getting in the shot.

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