Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Joining a new club...and gaming with Steve

I orginally set this blog up over 18 months ago, as much on the 'monkey see, monkey do principle'. Wrote a single rambling introductory post and promptly failed to do anything with it...due mainly to being so inept with my camera-phone that I have not yet worked out how to download pictures!

Since then it has largely been used for Blogspot's 'Dashboard' to follow other blogs.

Since then I have also moved to a new town and joined a new club. So far 4 of my first 5 games have been with Steve 'the Hat', who shares my similar highly diverse interests, a general like of 20mm plastics often spurned by other wargamers, and with whom I regularly conspire with by text message to organise our next game...

Sorting out what we have got, what's ready and what's not, what he needs to bring and what I need to bring can be a bit complicated, and sending Steve a scenario ahead of time (when he doesn't even have an email account) would be nice too.

So I thought I'd have another go at using this blog....mainly for Steve's benefit...possibly for when I organise things with someone else at the club and its useful way to show them what figs I've got in my cupboard...and maybe, just maybe if someone else out there might find some use or interest in our scenarios, and general chat on how to muster wargames armies...

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