Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Aliens! 28mm Sci-Fi

I've always loved Sci-Fi on TV and on the big screen, although never really got on with the novels, and for my money there are no more cracking Sci-Fi films that the 'Alien' movies. So over time I've put together this little set of figures and scenery. Alien models are from East Riding Miniatures, Colonial Marines are Denizen and some personality figures are from Hasslefree. Corridors etc. are cardstock from Worldworks (have bought PDF so can print off unlimited copies), and the resin models are by Megaminis but are OOP. I used to sell some of these in my online shop, and got a figure painter customer to paint up some of the minis for better photos. I've also got plastic Alien and Predator models I used to sell on 'clicker' bases, but they are in storage.

I've been toying with the idea for ages of printing off lots of corridor and sticking it to MDF to make it a bit more solid, and coming up with a skirmish/role-playing game where you explore the complex/spaceship or whatever, picking up cards which either indicate survivors, clues, distractions (cats etc.), acid holes in the floor or activate swarms of the bad guys! A few secret mission cards, like 'Try and bring an alien back alive', 'You are actually an android' for select players might keep the paranoia going....But never got around to putting it into action.

Here's some more shots. There's a bit of camera shake as a marine goes down in the first!

This one could be Ripley getting a shock just as she's about to go into hypersleep in the first 'Alien' film.

Here's a 'Get away from her you, bitch!' shot with the Alien Queen

Finally a few shots of the marines coming up against some face 'huggers' and metamorphosizing xenomorphs....

The little force that supplied the 'Colonial Marines' in these shots, are a great range of figures from a tiny operation down in Sussex called Denizen Miniatures.

Here's a couple of close ups:

Finally here's a shot of the whole force of 'Colonial marines', which is enough to make a little platoon. They wouldn't normally be deployed in such a cramped fashion, and make good 'mid-tech' troopers of the type who often fill the mercenary forces in Traveller games, with my force of Denzien's Ventaurans providing the 'Zhodanis', which they were in fact based on. I got a force of 28mm 'West Wind' Vietnam figures at a bargain price on eBay, partly with a view to giving them some lower tech planetary rebels to crush.

I've also got a set of GZG's 'Stargrunt' rules (which can be downloaded in PDF form for free). I thought these would be primarily for 15mm, but in fact were actually written with 25/28mm figures in mind. So this force could be matched up against any of the above mentioned or my em-4/Future wars figs.

There probably is no reason to expand the force beyond this size. Its fine for skirmishes, and as I've got 15mm Sci-Fi too, which are better for bigger actions.

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