Monday, 29 October 2012

Kadesh at SELWG

It was only on looking up how to get to Crystal Palace that I stumbled on an old South East London Wargamers website and discovered that Tony at the club had a 'double-life' and also was not just a member at the South East London Wargames Club which hosts the big SELWG show in Crystal Palace, but is actually Club Captain! This might explain how our new club which is not really on the map yet, in wargaming circles, got invited to put a game on at SELWG and I got invited along, being offered free tickets in exchange for knocking up some fliers, carting some boxes and gettting the chance to play in our demo game.

Phil at the club is a big buddy of Rob Broom, former editor of the Warhammer Historical series of books, author of  the new 'War and Conquest' rules that we play at the club, and force behind Scarab Miniatures on whose behalf we put on a game to demo the 'War and Conquest' rules. The game that we put on was Kadesh, and I have to say the beautiful 28mm Foundry Miniatures armies the guys brought out for the Egyptians and Hittites put my own efforts in 20mm in the shade. Here's some pics:
Hittite Chariots

...Hittite light chariots

Egyptian camp

Kadesh itself

Sherden warriors

Battle lines clash!
These are some other games at the show. The scenery on this ancient Brits vs. Late Roman clash was superb!
The figures in this 11th century Spanish clash were brilliantly painted

I'm not normally a great fan of 15mm, but this Napoleonic game looked really good in that scale, with masses of troops on the table

....back to our game
My main contribution to the game was to roll some appalling dice for the Egyptians which came close to losing the day for them...
...fortunately I handed back the dice to Reece who turned the battle around and won the day for the Pharaoh!
A good day out. Wished I'd brought more cash with me as there was a lot of stuff there I've been meaning to get for ages, and nice to save the postage. Bought some goodies, which I'll feature in some later blog posts, including a set of War and Conquest rules, signed by the author!

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