Friday, 26 October 2012

First outing for the Lord of the Rings army - Mirrormere

So having been distracted from getting our Lord of the Rings toys on the table for over a year, I dropped the suggestion to Ben, and me, Steve and Ben, partly through the medium of this blog assessed our forces. Using the clubs blog Ben suggested we go for a Dwarves versus Goblin scenario to get Steve's Balrog on the table.  We attempted to co-ordinate efforts for the scenario on the forum too, but mercifully Ben stepped in on the night with a fully thought out idea for the game.

He wanted to do a 'Mirrormere' type game, when Balin met his death. He was actually shot by an arrow, but we thought we'd throw a Balrog into the mix.

Dwarves had to get back to the gates of Moria (foreground). Goblin ambushers swoop in from three directions
I'll leave the telling of the tale to Steve and Ben who wrote up proceedings on the club forum:

So after much toing and froing on the forum and by text the lord of the rings game staggered into life . Using a combination of mine , petes and bens and with scenery by the above and simon the game looked good ( loved the dwarves ! ) and played very well too . Ben took the dwarves and to get balin lord of moria out of an ambush . Both sides started with some troops on the table and recieved reinforcements as the game progressed . Thanks to ben for his early dice rolling which meant dwarves and goblins were causing equal casualties . He then began to stage a bit of a come back to make it really interesting but still had the decency to feed balin to the balrog at the end . Seems there are lots of figures owned by club members for this games system and look forward to trying out other scenarios and armies
Balin, himself (sorry all attempts to rotate this pic have failed)

If think the decision to feed the Balrog was rather taken out of my hands after you had eaten the rest of his body guard Embarassed It was the best game of LOTR I have played though Razz . I think between us all there must be a good 600 - 700 figures. : Basketball 

Oh and the final kill count was: 
42 Goblins 
1 Troll 
1 Embarrassed although uninjured Balrog. 

to 30 Dwarves and Balin
Balrog 'Durin's Bane', rises out of the depths of Moria

Dwarves thinned out Balin's bodyguard with some accurate archery and managed to swamp these  unfortunate stragglers

Balin himself did a better job of holding the Goblins at bay

The Balrog makes a bee-line for Balin

Despite making a break for it with half his bodyguard Balin is encircled

Alerted to the cries of help a force of dwarves emerges from the gates of Moria to try to rescue the ambushed king

Dwarf bowmen take down a troll, while Balin's bodyguard valiantly hurl themselves one at a time at the Balrog to stop the creature reaching their king

My goblin archers turn to try and slow down the relief force pouring out of Moria

Finally the Balrog is free from blocking kamikaze dwarf bodyguards...

...and wins the initiative so can turn on Balin
Balin gets lucky on the first combat roll...

....nevertheless, Simon thought he'd get Balin's tomb ready!

Over of the far side of the table Dwarf rangers have done a good job holding off  a mob of goblins commanded by Simon, but finally he gets some good rolls and they start going down like nine-pins...

...With the remenants of Balin's bodyguard each swamped by hordes of goblins, the Balrog moves in for the kill as  no less than 3 other goblins hem Balin in...

The Moria relief force starts to turn the battle against the blocking force of Goblins

The goblins rush some more archers to block the relief force

More Goblins go done the relief force has nearly broken through

Unbelieveable! The Balrog rolls a one and Balin wins the combat driving back his assailants!

But this time the Balrog quickly takes back the initiative and Balin, with the creature to his back, is swamped on all sides by half a dozen goblins...

...Finally Balin falls to the fiery Balrog!

Although slaughtered goblins lie everywhere they have done enough to hold off the Moria relief force

The dwarf rangers are also overwhelmed
Balin put to rest in his tomb

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