Saturday, 27 October 2012

AWI at the club

In an earlier post I showed a front shots of a beautifully painted pair of American War of Independence Armies brought along by a member who had stopped coming to the former club but attracted to our new club whcih is much more based around historic wargaming.

Simon has brought the armies back to the club several times since, very much by popular demand and one night I got to play with these brilliant figures. Mac and I took the Americans facing off against an advancing line of British. The rules were 'British Grenadier', a variant of the 'General de Brigade' Napoleonic rules. Here are a few pics:
My riflemen on the left flank close in to give some fire to some Hessian mercenaries

American general's issue orders

Some American dragoons move off in front of a battery on our far left flank. A militia unit hold a blockhouse

On the right Mac commands the American line which lets loose at the  British advancing with bayonet

Skirnishers let the Britsh have a few rounds before retiring

Withering fire keeps most of the British at bay and one one unit charges homw but fails to dislodge the Yanks

Having run off some Indians my riflemen continue to snipe at the Hessians

The battle climaxed with American dragoons charging the Hessians, they were driven off, but with the  American line on the right driving back a regiment of Highlanders and holding off everything else we thought we came off the best

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