Saturday, 27 October 2012

Couple of bargains from the corner shop

Having been checking out the price of a few toy cars to use a scenery etc. on eBay, I was somewhat dismayed to see once a couple of quid was added for postage there weren't really any great bargains.

Then I walked into my local newsagent to pick up a pint of milk and I saw these two beauties marked down to I think a fiver each from memory. They're from a 007 range and scale beautifully with 28mm figures (I've put one each in shot). I've got lots of 28mm Call of Cthulthu figures which is what attracted me to the vintage black Citroen, but thought it would be good for anything from 1920s through to 1950s. I was so pleased with this I went back for the red one, which I thought would be good for an 'Underworld' based Vampires versus Werewolves game that I have some unpainted figures around somewhere for.

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