Thursday, 21 June 2012

WW1 - some additions to the German forces

Just a quick and belated entry for a model bought last year, one for Christmas and one for my birthday.

At the top is an AV7, a WW1 tank or the Germans with a real 'steampunk' look about. Could be straight out of the (dreadful) 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' as the sort of diabolical machine the dastardly German top secret intelligence were designing to fight the (then) next war. I understand this was deployed long before blitzkrieg tactics were considered (an idea developed by British military thinkers anyway and the idea picked up by the Germans and put into practice before the British did). Only 7 were produced. It was introduced in 1918 and were only deployed singularly, so one model is enough.

The other two were much more famous, the 'Red Baron's' Focker triplane and a Fokker DVII. Obviously itching to get more of these, but as I'm getting them to complement land battles will do for a bit of trench strafing.

Compared to the kit you need for a WW2 army, even a few more planes will be a low cost outlay.
Three new toys!

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