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GW LOTR Figure Inventory for Ben

Steve and I discussed doing something with the Games Workshop 'Lord of the Rings' Figures early last year and for a couple of months in the early part of 2011 I went on something of an eBay buying and painting frenzy to get some armies together. Courtesy of eBay I also acquired copies of the Battle Strategy game rules and the War of the Ring rules.

I still think these gorgeous figures sculpted by the Perry's are brilliant, and it has got me into enjoying painting 28mm, which much as I love 20mm, I have to confess do really repay the effort much more. But inevitably all enthusiasms fade, and by the end of the year I'd switch my attentions to my WW1 and WAB Anglo-Saxon army, with buying Star Wars figs being my current fad.

Ben at the Club has expressed some interest in getting his own LotR collection out and brought some brilliantly painted dwarfs and Corsairs of Umbar along. I have been promising Ben an inventory of my LotR figures for some time so we can match them up for some time, and been a bit re-miss in following up on it, so anyway here we go.


Fellowship of the Ring

Characters (All Painted unless otherwise noted)

Gandalf the Grey (with Hat)
Gandalf the Grey (without Hat - fighting Balrog Pose)
Gandalf the White on Shadowfax - (Basic paint job - could be repainted)
Aragorn (with Sword, Amon Hen pose)
Aragorn (with Cloak, Sword and Firebrand, Weathertop pose)
Boromir (with Horn)
Boromir (shot by arrows)
Legolas (with Bow)
Mounted Legolas- (Basic paint job - could be repainted)
Gimli (with Axe)
Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry (Weathertop set)

Riders of Rohan - Most complete (and most completely painted army)


Theodan Mounted
Eomer Mounted (Painting not finished)
Theoden (on Foot)
Gamling (on Foot) (Unpainted)
Eowyn (on Foot) (Unpainted)

24 Mounted Riders of Rohan (Painted & Finished)
Plus 5/6 to be repaired
Already on blog here:

32 Warriors of Rohan (on Foot) - (Painted & Finished)
-20 are archers

Gondor (Third Age)


Mounted Boromir - Bought painted
Mounted Standard Bearer- Bought painted to a high standard
Denethor (on Foot) - Unpainted
Boromir on Foot (with Horn, as Fellowship)- Bought painted
Faramir on Foot (basic paint job could be repainted)

50 Gondor Warriors (All painted, half need varnishing/bases terrained)
-16 are Bowmen
16 Mounted Gondor Knights (bought painted to a high standard)
-2 are in need of repair

25 Rangers (Good for either Northern Rangers or Ithilian Rangers)- All painted. On blog here:

Numenorians (Second Age)


Isildur on Foot - Painting needs completing
Elendil on Foot- Painting needs completing
Isildur and Elendil wounded (Sauron Set) - Unpainted

46 Numenorian Warriors (26 Painted, 20 Undercoated/half painted)

High Elves 



27 High Elf Warriors with Glaive (Painted, some need finishing)
37 High Elf Warriors with Bow (27 Painted, 10 undercoated, some of rest need finishing)

I also have a set of Ral Partha High Elves. Different look same scale.

Wood Elves

-I don't have any official LotR Wood Elf figures as such, but I do have 30? Wood Elf figures with bow which I cast myself using Prince August moukls (4 different poses) which are very compatible, but currently unpainted.


-As with the Wood Elves I do not have any official LotR Dwarf figures, but I do have some highly compatible Ral Partha figures. All painted.


Mordor (most are painted)

Sauron (Second Age Large Figure)

Witch King on Fell Beast  (Still unassembled but bought painted)

5 Nazgul on Foot (Weathertop set)

4/5 Orc Characters (not sure which)

64 Mordor Orcs

Already on blog here:

1 Mordor Troll (acquired badly painted, need to repaint)

Although it is not an 'official' model I have recently acquired a 'Shelob' sized spider within a cheap toy set and have various other giant spider models.

Also have numerous Ral Partha Orcs - while not 'official' are much closer to Tolkein 'realism' than more extravagent GW Warhammer style orcs.



Mounted Haradrim Chieftain (Unpainted)
Haradrim on Foot (possibly a conversion has birds head)

40 Harad Warriors (Mostly painted, need finishing)
-24 are archers, 16 Spear

6 Harad Riders (unpainted)


1 Standard Bearer

32 Easterling Warriors (acquired some painted, some undercoated, some unpainted)
- 14 Bowmen
- 13 Swordsmen
- 5 Pikemen

Misty Mountains

Balrog (unassembled and unpainted)
89 Goblins (All painted, some need varnishing/bases terraining)
-Around 24 are archers

13 Warg Riders
 - 8 are plastic and in process of being repainted/touched up
 - 5 are metal and are unpainted and lack bases

1 Cave Troll with Hammer
-Also an 'unofficial' plastic troll figure that could make passable Cave Troll if painted.

Isengard - Bought all painted to a 'serviceable' standard


Grima Wormtongue (Unpainted)
Lurtz (with Bow, Amon Hen Set)
2 Lurtz (with Sword and Shield)
2 Uruk-hai carrying Hobbits (Amon Hen Set)
1 Uruk-hai Standard Bearers

38 Uruk-hai
- 18 Pikemen
- 20 Swordsmen
12 Uruk-hai Bowmen
4 Uruk-hai Scouts (3 from Amon Hen Set)
8 Uruk-hai Berserkers
6 Siege Troops
3 Assault Ballista Crew (No Ballista)
3 Siege Ladders
2 Mines

(Note also have GW Warhammer Siege Tower).


Two Dragons (one painted red, one blue) not official, Ral Partha figures.

As mentioned I also have other Fantasy figures which might be compatible for 'Lord of the Rings' scenarios. There are basically three sources. One is my collection of Ral Partha Fantasy figures.Ral Partha figures made in the US were back in the 1970s/80s thought even better than the figures being produced by 'Citadel' (since acquired by GW) in the UK. A lot of the plastic 'Mage Knight' figures are based on original Ral Partha sculpts. As mentioned the Ral Partha collection includes, Dwarves, High Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Trolls - probably more suitable as giants in a Tolkein context- not to mention wizards, witches, warlocks, fighters, thieves, assassins, barabrians, undead, demons, dragons, wyverns, wolves and various monsters.The other is the casts that I have done from Price August moulds (Wood Elves). The third source is my Warhammer Fantasy collection which includes Dark Elves and High Elves, which much as GW would frown on the use of these in an 'official' game they are highly Tolkein 'inspired' at the end of the day, and would be suitable for say a Similliarion era battle. The other thing in my collections are Skeletons and Zombies (Ral Partha and GW), which much as Peter Jackson/GW had their own take on the 'Army of the Dead', not hard to see how these could 'bulk' up such a force.

In terms of expanding the collection, high on my wish list is a set of the new Galadrim Elves to give the High Elf force a decent variety of poses as the holding glaive overhead pose looks a bit silly in large units on their own. Also some Wargs without riders for Misty mountains/Witch Kingdom of Angor and maybe a few more Haradrim riders. The other thing I've been checking out is some 'wild men' for Isengard's Dunland allies and the wild men/warriors of the Witch Kingdom of Angor. I follow the 'Rough War of the Ring' blog which used plastic Gripping Beast and Wargames Factory for these, as the official figures are expensive and dull. I have been doing some digging around, though, and concluded that the old Grenadier Barbarians (sculpted by a young Mark Copplestone) and sold by EM4 look much more my idea of an axe-wielding 'Wild Man', for Dunland at least. At £1.30 a figure a lot cheaper than GW and as I'm toying with doing something 'Game of Thrones' related would make great 'Wildings' too.

Also have experimented with converting plastic Gondor Warriors (which are cheap and plentiful on eBay) into Arnor Warriors (which are metal and expensive) with a little bit of green stuff and very happy with the results. Seen some people have done similar for Rohan Royal guard which in metal cost an arm and a leg even second hand on eBay. In a similar vein thought of painting some Rohan figures in different colours/patterns (tartan?) for other warriors from the books or at least appendices, such as Rhiovannians (humans who lived beyond the Misty Mountains before the Easterlings came, and intermarried with the Gondor Royal family and ended up falling out with Gondor). Eorl the Young brought his Riders from East of the Misty Mountains to settle in Rohan, so fair bet that they'd look similar. Also thought of adding green stuff turbans to Rohan figures to get some cheap generic 'Southron' or even actual historical Saracen figures. As I got into buying this collection mainly through the cheapness that they can be picked up on eBay (often just 30p a figure for common plastics), tend to think of other ways of exploiting this.

GW does not produce any Huorns, only a couple of expensive Ents. In the Wood Elf army for Warhammer Fantasy, however, it does produce a set of plastic 'Dryads', clearly inspired by the Huorn/Ent concept, and how different can you make a walking tree? So an easy way to kit out an Ent Army.

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