Sunday, 10 June 2012

French Eagles for 20mm Napoleonics

 Having used the flags from the 'Warflags' site for my ACW army and been very pleased with the results, I decided I really had to replace the flags on my Napoleonic armies before they could see action. I had tried using them before, but made the mistake of scaling them down to fit the flag poles with the 'diddy' little flags moulded on to the figures, rather than replacing the lot. With my ACW armies I found that using the flags as available on the site, which are strictly speaking over-scaled for 20mm figures being for 25mm figures, actually looked much, much better. The tricky thing for the French was that they came with 'Eagles' on the top, which I had to cut off and try not to lose while replacing the plastic flag with a wire flag pole and paper flag, and using tweezers to carefully reposition again with a blob of PVA.

I've done about fifteen flag bearers for my French army, some British and Allied, and stuck on the flagpoles but not printed flags (and in most cases not painted the figures) for my Russians and the Prussians Landwher (not attempted Prussian regulars or Austrians yet). These are the French, above is just the flagbearer with an officer figure, below what they look like with a 36 figure unit. Personally, I think they massively improve the look of a unit. Will now have to find time to sit down and finish painting the shako plumes etc., varnish and base the 300 odd French infantry I have to finish to complete this army, and similar with the 600 odd British sitting nearly finished, and paint the generals, standard-bearers and some more cavalry for the Russian (Prussians still fair bit further off and Austrian's still lacking heavy cavalry and artillery). Still only started this lot in 1997, so not too badly behind schedule!!!

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