Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sources for Star Wars figures

I placed my order yesterday with two eBay shops on eBay UK, 'Yugblad's Mountain Emporium' and 'Robinson Gaming Supplies'. Both have a good selection of Star Wars figures. There are a couple of other eBay shops specialising in SW figures, notably 'Green Angel Games' and 'Miniature Games', although Green Angel is generally more expensive for common figures, although to be fair they do have more figs from the older sets. Elsewhere on the web, UK based 'The 13th Floor', which used to be one of the biggest over here, no longer seems to have any in stock.

An article on Wikipedia I found yesterday confirmed that Wizards of the Coast decided not to renew its SW licence in 2010, so there definitely won't be any new sets or re-issues, so the time-span to pick up any more figures is likely to be limited.

Doing some more 'google' searches last night, I found this shop, based in the US:

The CCG Armoury

It can be found at

The 'blurb' says it ships internationally, and prices are much more reasonable than the UK, eg. 50 cents (ie. around 30p) for a recent common figure like a Hoth trooper rather than £1 a fig from the UK shops. So, say a 24 figure, force which would be £24 plus in the UK would work out at just £8, which would make the higher postage worth it.

There also appear to be LOTS of tempting goods in stock, which I couldn't find in the UK stores, including large models from the 'Universe' sets such as Tuskan raider on Bantha for around 8 dollars. Not good for the wallet to see all this stuff available, and probably not for that long!

Anyway, as I'm restraining myself for now, I thought I'd make this blog entry so I don't lose the URL.

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