Friday, 3 February 2012

Catching up on things done in 2011: US infantry finished

Another 'quick win' in terms of completing things was finishing off some of my US Infantry for Rapid Fire or Cross Fire. In truth all, like the US Marines, the hard work ie. painting, was done quite a few years ago, maybe even 10 years ago in fact, but I had only done the most basic job in terms of basing. This made them look decidedly unimpressive next to the Germans which I had bought to fight against them, and I'd nicely based up to match with the Russian army I'd completed.

All of these are Revell US Infantry, sculpted very much with the Ardennes in mind, many being dressed in heavy greatcoats. I have not, however, gone for 'snowbases' (but am thinking I might do a separate force, at least say for Crossfire, with them), but had added quite a few clumps of green (from Gale Force 9 basing scenics) to the bases along with static, to make them look right for Western Europe.

As time as gone on, and I've got to fight out some Rapid Fire games, I've become less and less 'coy' about using multiple basing, as it not only looks better, but is so much easier for moving them about and now have rules from 'platoon-level' to 'brigade-level' none of which absolutely need individual basing, and have more than enough 'singles' should I really, really need them for, say, a man-to-man skirmish.

Here are only around one battalion's worth of figures, but I also have an absolute stack of Esci US Infantry, in various stages of painting, including at least as many again that are completely painted. The only reason for not completing the basing on them is that, once again, I've used up all my storage boxes and until I get some more, there's no room to store them once they are based. So for now this is just a 'taster' of what the infantry contingent of my WW2 US army for Europe will look like.

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