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Order for Star Wars Reinforcements

Following on from the last blog entry brainstorming on using Star Wars figures with Steve for a game of FUBAR, I came to the conclusion, that the reason part of the reason I have not got my SW collection out of the cupboard to game, is that it is only barely large enough to game a small man-to-man skirmish game, such as the CMG, and not big enough to even game with a small unit action ruleset such as FUBAR.

So whether we end up loving or hating the FUBAR rules, there is a pretty low chance of this collection seeing action, unless I expand it a bit. Yesterday was my birthday, so there was an inflow of cash to the wargaming coffers (along with funds from Christmas, as yet untouched). I have been pondering for a while what to buy next, with lots of ideas but no strong feelings, so I guess the 'force was with me' on this one, and I was straight on to eBay!

My initial idea was to spend 20 quid or so to just get enough for one FUBAR game, but looking around on the internet for figures, I discovered that Wizards of the Coast, who have mucked about with this excellent figure range from day one-using the whole annoying collectible miniatures concept selling boxes 'lucky dip' of figures, indulging in this ridiculous artificial creation of 'rare' figures, discontinuing a release barely a few months after issuing it etc. etc. - have now given up ENTIRELY on this whole line. It has been frustrating enough trying to put together the collection that I have, so I really didn't want to find I postponed purchasing some figures I'd end up wanting pretty soon, only to find them unobtainable. Already some figures that I wanted and could have bought a year or so ago for a pound each, now are costing double that, so I decided to go for it and make sure I at least got all the 'essentials' on board and enough to make sure I had enough variety to get at least a three or four games out of the collection. I could console myself that they were at least painted figures, and the initial enthusiasm could translate into figures that could go onto the table straight away, rather than going into the 'paint queue' and not appearing on the table for a year (or two?!?) later.

So for Steve's benefit my new order to expand the SW Collection is as follows:

8 Imperial Stormtroopers - From Imperial Entanglements set (£1.50 each not the £2.50 plus each commanded by earlier figs).
2 Imperial Stormtroopers with Heavy Weapons (From IE and Alliance and Empire ranges)
3 Imperial Engineers (Dark Times range at 99p each)
1 Imperial Fighter Pilot (Legacy of the Force range at 99p)

This brings my own force of Stormtroopers up to 20 figs plus two Heavy Weapons. Hopefully Steve will have a few in his collection so we'll now have a respectable force. I got the Engineers because writing the scenario brainstorm section of the earlier blog entry I realised that actions on-board ship and inside Imperial 'complexes', will be fairly easy to stage, scenery-wise. The Imperial Fighter Pilot made me think that having a downed Imperial Fighter with top secret plans etc. or maybe Lord Vader on board would make a good scenario, and the figure would make a good objective marker. Just need a Tie-Fighter model kit to 'smash up' to go with him!

8 Rebel Troopers (from IE range, because they are only 99p each)
5 Rebel Troopers (from AE range, tad more expensive at £1.25 per fig)
7 Rebel Commandos (from Rebel Storm range, costing £2.50 ea. - ouch!!!)
1 Veteran Commando (IE range at £1.99)
4 Rebel Commandos (AE range at 99p)

This means I have a force of Rebel Troopers to match the Imperial Stormtrooper one, ie. 20 figs with my existing 7. Also have a 12 man Rebel Commando force, bit small, but they will be veteran/elites, and probably deployed with something else. The Rebel Storm figures unfortunately just look the part, while the IE and AE ones are pretty dull and lack capes, so on the basis that I might not get the chance to get 7 in one go again, I bit the bullet and paid up £2.50 each for them.

1 Wookie Trooper (from Knights of the Old Republic range)
2 Wookie Scoundrels (Clone Wars range at 99p each)
2 Wookie Freedom Fighters (AE range at 99p each)

Also found some Wookie's to be able to put a unit on the table. With my existing 4 figures that gives me 9 figures. Not a full force, but just about enough for a 'neutral' force or to add to other Rebel Alliance forces.

1 Jawa Scout (Knights of Old Republic range at £1.99)
4 Jawa Scavenger (IE range at 99p each)

I umm'ed and ahh'ed about what to do about Tuskan raiders and Jawa. Originally added a force of Tuskan raiders, but not going to be that good for FUBAR, as the figures are all fighting hand-to-hand, and realistically I'd need a decent sized force to put on the table to make a credible 'raiding force' that would survive more than a couple of rounds of gunfire. The Jawas on the other hand could be a nice little force which adds a bit of variety to any scenario. Originally had more in the order, but scaled it back. I'll have a force now of 8 figures, a just a unit or two, but could be a 'third force' on the table, and the sort of force that could easily be guarding something valuable to both sides that they've scavenged, or leap out and ambush one side or the other, or be the target of an ambush themselves.

1 General Han Solo (Masters of the Force range at £1.99)
2 Human Scoungers (Legacy of the Force range at 99p)
2 Corellian Security Officers (Legacy of the Force range at 99p)
1 Antaran Ranger (Jedi Academy Range at 99p)

Added these because I thought they might be generally useful for my overall Sci-Fi figure collection. Getting a Han Solo figure for just £1.99 is a bit of a result. So far I just have Luke Skywalker with blaster and Princess Leia as personalities for my Rebel Alliance forces, which is pretty limited. It also gives me 4 of the 6 passengers and crew on the Millenium Falcon in the original 'Star Wars' movie - still need Obi Wan -but not going to pay £13 for one!-and R2D2- and Solo is good for various 'prequel' adventures re-enacting his smuggling days. The other four figures are basically 'civilian' looking characters, two with blaster pistols one with a blaster rifle, that could stand in for 'moisture farmers', merchant space crew, colonists, smugglers or whatever, in a Star Wars or other - eg. Traveller, Firefly- setting.

1 Imperial Dignitary (IE range at 99p)
1 Imperial Inquisition (Dark Times range at 99p)
3 Whipid Trackers (IE range 99p each)
1 Twi'lek Black Sun Vigo (IE range at 99p)

Finally for good measure, I added these figures to the order. Sci-Fi 'civilian' figures not waiving guns are very few and far between in any 28mm figure range, and the first two are just that. For Star Wars games, they would make good ambassadors or officials to protect for some scenario, or 'just dressing' for any town standing around talking. The Whipid Trackers just seized my attention as figures. Very nice little primitive/low tech aliens that any galatic explorers might run into on some backwater planet that they might employ as guides or exchange a few beads and trinkets with. Twi'lek was just a good figure to round out a Fringer force.

There are a few other things I would have liked to included in the order to 'round out' the collection, apart from the afore-mentioned Tuskan Raiders. I had originally put some Hoth Rebel Fighters in the order to give me two rebel forces, but for a Hoth scenario I also need Snow Troopers to fight them, which are otherwise fairly limited in their use, and I only have two figures at this point, so dropped them. I'd also have liked some more 'Fringers', so I at least had one, and preferably two decent forces (for Bounty Hunters versus Smugglers etc,), also at least a unit of mercenaries, to beef up either side and add some variety to different games, and I had thought to spend 16 quid or so getting another army altogether from .

But this will do for now and has blown enough of the Birthday and Christmas funds, certainly more than planned.

When they arrive, I should have two solid forces (Imperial Stormtroopers & Rebel Troopers) plus the Commandos, which if elite can be deployed as a smaller force. I now have my little Wookie and Jawa forces, to 'mix it up' in terms of scenarios (Commandos aided by Wookies trying to break into a rebel base? Both Imperial Stormtroopers and Rebel Commandos tasked with recovering some item recovered by Jawa scavengers?). I also have a few figures which might in themselves be a whole inspiration for a scenario - the downed Imperial Fighter pilot; the little human merchant crew being attacked by Fringers when bringing supplies to the Empire/Rebel Alliance; the Imperial dignitary being escorted by Stormtroopers who Commandos/Bounty hunters want to snatch, or the Whipid Trackers who could lead a Commando force through a hidden trail passed Imperial Stormtroopers...or be bribed to lead them into an ambush....

....all in all hopefully could be very worthwhile for future gaming...

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