Tuesday, 2 August 2011

DBA Towns/Cities (aka BUAs)

Steve asked me what I've got in the way of 'BUAs' for DBA. (I personally hate this particularly piece of DBA jargon - why don't the rule writers call them Towns/Cities? The term 'Built-Up Area or the achronymn BUA, is anachronistic and ugly!). 

Well this was a piece of inspiration for some very cheap terain, that I got when just about to throw away some PC packing. Took me about 10 minutes and I think they have a passing resemblence to a mudbrick town, probably more suitable for chariot period than 'classical'.

I keep meaning to do something a bit better (not difficult!), probably starting with a city wall made from cork tile -probably with somewhere to stand troops on - and moving on to something more mediterranean in the way of a group of buildings to go in it.

Haven't got around to it yet, so it's still these boys for now! At least they stack one inside the other, are light and I'd not cry if something happened to them.

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