Saturday, 15 March 2014

Battle of Hoth

These are some photos of the Battle of Hoth game which Steve 'the Hat' put on last August. Steve bought lots of figures and turned up with an impressive two AT-STs for the game.

Thanks to Steve for a great game. The rules were FUBAR and the activation rolls kept the game on a knife-edge and worked well, once again.

My contribution was a 'snow cloth' and my figures. I'll let the pictures tell the story.
Initial Set up as seen from the Rebel Base

Han and Luke were out scouting and must get back to the Rebel Base

But they have an angry Wampa to contend with

Rebel Troopers prepare to man the defences

A Snow-Speeder prepares to launch

Backed by AT-STs, the Imperial Stormtroopers move forward

More Imperials advancing

View of the Rebel base from Imperial Lines

...and view of Imperial Advance from Rebel Base

The Imperials sent forward a probe droid but I managed to immobilise it

Luke gets caught be the Wampa but manages to escape

Rebel forward defenders fire on a squad of advancing Imperial Snow Troopers with devastating effect

Rebel fire takes down the Wampa before it can get Luke

Imperial Forces keep advancing on the Rebel forward position

...some accurate shooting from the troops defending on the right

....and another squad of Imperial Stormtroopers goes down

Snow speeder moves forward...

...and engages one of the AT-Sts

...Imperials keep coming forward on the Rebel right...

....then disaster...a squad of Imperial Snowtroopers open fire on Luke, killing him... AT-ST moves up to lead the Imperial advance on the Rebel right...

....and takes out a cannon with some accurate fire...

Han makes it back to the Rebel Base but "Where's Luke? Has anybody seen Luke?"

....they may have lost their cannon but Hoth Troopers keep shooting down incoming waves of Imperial Troopers

....Snow Speeder and AT-ST keep trading shots....both are immobilised....

....the forward defenders on the Rebel Left start to take heavy casulaties

...time to think about abandoning that position...

...the remnaining Rebel cannon keeps firing at the AT-ST

A squad of Rebel Commandos holds the Rebel Centre

...the Imperial Stormtrooper squad leading the advance on the Rebel right is down to one mant... 

....and he too is killed...

....Rebel defenders of the forward position decide it is time to abandon their posts and make a run for it back to the seoond line of defence,,,,

,,,,chased hard by a pursuing squad of Stormtroopers who over-run their position...

....who gun down the Rebels as they flee...

...the duel between Snowspeeder and AT-ST continues

....undeterred new waves of Imperials just keep coming....

....the last surviving member of the Rebel forward definders turns at bay and fires with devastating effect....

....Faced with an Imperial onslaught commandos and even Rebel pilots rush into position to man the final defences

....the brave Rebel gunner goes down...and the Stormtroopers pour heavy fire into the last line of Rebel defences causing heavy casualties among the defenders

...We pretty much left it there...with the snowspeeder now having lost both weapons and both Rebel cannons knocked out their was nothing to stop the AT-STs....but the Rebel forces had put up a gallant defence and allowed many ships to get away....

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